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Different Chairs

03 Apr 2014 / 0 Comments / in Blogs

Going through all the projects that I had proposed and done.  I have come across great looking chairs that I wouldn’t mind using again and again.  Some selections I have put together. Clockwise:   Made of solid wood frame with thick cushion seating and it’s tilted at a good angle to rest my back.  It’s comfy […]


01 Apr 2014 / 0 Comments / in Blogs

A few news that caught my eye today.  I have never participated in a cycling race so was quite shocked to hear about the accident at the OCBC ride.  A 24 year old guy fell and suffered brain damage and needed major surgery,  pray he gets well soon. A few safety rules that were highlighted […]

Ghim Moh Market And Food Center

30 Mar 2014 / 1 Comment / in Blogs

Cycled to Ghim Moh for lunch and sometimes breakfast too. Great local food here and a bustling market.  A few of my favorites, the chicken rice is fantastic, can’t miss it, the queue is extremely long, the fried carrot cake is so soft, Chwee Kueh taste very original, like the ones I used to have. […]

Colorful Painting

27 Mar 2014 / 0 Comments / in Blogs

I have long wanted to learn Western Painting-oil on canvas. I started to search for a professional painter who gives lessons. I managed to find a studio which happened to be located near my home. Transport was convenient at only a few bus stops away. After registering my name, I excitedly went to art shops […]

Alexandra Road

26 Mar 2014 / 1 Comment / in Blogs

Alexandra Road used to be a blossoming plantation site, it has since turned into a booming industrial hub of technoparks and distriparks, and a playground for giant players like Mitsubishi Electric, Ikea, PSA Building, Mercedes, Peugeot, Ford, Land Rover and BMW.  It has also further developed into several other buildings like shopping malls, HDB residential […]

Televisions – The Bigger The Better?

25 Mar 2014 / 0 Comments / in Blogs

Television used to sit in the corner of the room, everyone would huddle around to watch, often looking for the best seat.  Nowadays it’s getting bigger and bolder, often taking center piece in the room. Flat-screen televisions broadly come in two varieties – LCD and plasma.  It is not unusual for a home to have […]

Buying And Designing A Home

24 Mar 2014 / 0 Comments / in Blogs

From my point of view,  buy an apartment that you intend to stay for several years, it’s the biggest financial undertaking you are making aside from saving for retirement. Buy a decent size house which is affordable, and will have enough space to start a family or if your parents are staying with you. Location […]


23 Mar 2014 / in Blogs

Bikes on the road seems like a common sight recently, I too am caught up in the craze. The government had created more park connectors in the recent years for safety riding and other users like joggers etc.. Of course there are the professional looking cyclists on their road bikes zooming down the road. Just […]

Interiors And Art

22 Mar 2014 / in Blogs

How often are Clients willing to purchase good artwork for their homes; Understandably nice artwork is not cheap in Singapore, interior designers are able to source for good art from their contacts, that would be able to reflect Clients personal taste and brings out the interior designed. Artwork refers not only to paintings, it includes […]

Five Foot Ways – Boundaries

10 Mar 2014 / in Blogs

They belong to the public but they can be better decorated to look like part of your house and not block the traffic. Owners uses planters to demarcate their “space”.  The few potted plants looks a little sad.. HDB corridors are often left undecorated as they are open to the public, and everyone is […]