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Intelligent HDB

13 Sep 2014 / 0 Comments / in General

Latest news, HDB going intelligent at Tampines North, Ponggol Northshore  and Bidadari.  Technologies on maintaining environmental conditions, estate management and creating digital infrastructure!  Although it’s not happening in my estate area, I’m looking forward to see exactly what’s in the future.

Government are going for well design homes in green and sustainable towns.  A tool is employed to help HDB assess the effectiveness of lighting, solar energy, greenery, rainwater harvesting, recycling, pneumatic waste collection etc.. to achieve sustainability goals in a cost effective way.

Parking lots will have a well monitored system to automatically increase parking lots for visitors during peak hours. And it will ensure sufficient lots for reserved lots for residents.  Not too mention the smart monitoring system will factor in temperature and humidity.  Fans can be triggered to cool down the area and switched off when certain temperature are reached thus saving energy.

I especially like the idea of smart system to alert families who are concern with the elderly at home.  Caregivers will be alerted in case of emergencies.

As I came across the mention of home energy management system whereby residents can monitor their home energy consumption and home appliances in real time from anywhere and thus be able to reduce their energy usage;  I wish there is a system where HDB residents can have a little privacy and safety.   A biometric card can be used when entering the lift or staircases.  This would greatly reduce unwanted guests who do not live at the block.  Companies who wish to advertise their services will have to think of other ways then to stuff their flyers into people’s homes.  Some home owners may not have air conditioner installed in their living rooms, they tend to leave their doors open for ventilation; and there are others who dresses casually at home when advertisers stand at the doorway to preach or stuff flyers.  A little more privacy please…

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